Are cell phones really dangerous?

I’ve been wondering if cell phones are really dangerous. Some people say it is a conspiracy theory cooked up by conspiracy theorists, but I’m not so sure. I never truly mulled over everything, except now that certain individuals I regard are communicating concern, I’m beginning to ponder. All things considered, we’re presented to a great deal of electromagnetic radiation consistently.

I’ve been contemplating whether the intensity I feel in my ear and the weird sensation on my head while I’m talking on my cell is connected with the radiation concerns I’ve been finding out about. I know it’s likely nothing, however it’s difficult to shake the inclination that there may be something to it.

Could that be the reason I’ve been having significantly more migraines recently? I began to do some exploration… and I found that there’s a great deal of logical proof out there that says phones, WiFi, and 5G are unsafe to our wellbeing.

That, yet in places like France they really limit how much wireless children are presented to due to the known harm it does…

It’s not lawful to have WiFi in nursery schools. What’s more, in numerous European nations, telephones should be sold with wired headphones that in fact, you’re not really expected to utilize your telephone very close to your body!

For what reason are the destructive impacts of EMF radiation known in different nations, however not in America?

“Our main takeaway from the current review is that approximately 1,000 hours of lifetime cellphone use, or about 17 minutes per day over a 10-year period, is associated with a statistically significant 60% increase in brain cancer.”

The uplifting news is, you CAN safeguard yourself from the destructive EMFs that come from your telephone

It’s made of many layers including a layer of 24k gold, 32 mineral layers, germanium, far infrared, and an engrossing layer that lies simply over the cement fix.

Together, these layers make a negative particle field that kills and diverts the positive particles in EMF fields.

Also, it doesn’t disrupt your gathering by any means… so you can securely talk, message, stream, or convey your telephone in your pocket… without getting presented to EMFs that hurt your wellbeing!

Just strip the sticker from its supporting and glue it to the rear of your phone, close to the antenna (to one side, under the back camera).
The fix decreases radiation up to 90%, yet won’t slow down your gathering or interfere with your utilization. Glue it and just drop it… It’s simply basic!

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